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PRK Lasik Surgery

Technology and advanced sciences have been highly beneficial in the field of medicines and healthcare. That is why; these days, it is possible to get treatment for almost all kinds of disorders and diseases by proper medications and surgeries. It is even possible to get vision corrected by undergoing through eye surgeries. One such surgery for vision correction is PRK- Photorefractive Keratectomy.

To be eligible for PRK, your corneas would have become thin and pupils grown relatively larger coupled with acute near-sightedness. If your eyes structure has gained this state, you qualify for a PRK surgery but not for LASIK. Some other aspects that are also important for PRK include normal health state, minimum 18 years of age, consistent prescription for a minimum of a year, not in the state of pregnancy, appropriate knowledge about PRK, acceptance to the possible risks post PRK, and most importantly, no other medical issues that could lead to infections or allergies. After you qualify all these criteria, you stand eligible for PRK.

Mild discomfort, including minor eye irritation and watering, for one to three days following the procedure. PRK patients experience mild discomfort in the first 24 to 48 hours after surgery and almost all experience sensitivity to light.The process is so quick that it can be completed even in less than fifteen minutes and the patient can leave the clinic after he has rested for a short while. This procedure is extremely perfect for sports persons or outdoor activists because there is no cornea flap created in a PRK as in the case of LASIK. When you undergo a LASIK, the cornea flap heals up automatically but if any injury is caused to the LASIK cornea, it needs to be immediately repaired by a trained ophthalmologist. But after a PRK, you absolutely do not have to worry about the cornea and thus, enjoy your lifestyle in the way you like.

After a PRK, you should be accompanied by someone so that he/she drives you home because you would be bandaged contact lenses in order to protect the cornea until the cells redevelop. In a PRK, a corneal flap is not created but instead, a surface of corneal tissue is removed so that they re-grow within some time. Of course, the recovery takes a little longer as compared to LASIK treatment. After a period of three or four days, the contact lenses would be removed and you would now have to begin putting eye drops for moisturising and you would also need to begin the antibiotics course for stipulated period of time for faster healing.

In case you are not sure which eye correction surgery to undergo, you should definitely consult a trained and experienced ophthalmologist for his advice. He would conduct prior tests in order to decide the most suitable eye surgery for vision correction according to the existing state of eyes. But after the surgery, your eyes would be as normal as before, once they recover after the treatment.

Do not take risk because your eyes are the most important organs of the body which allow you to see the world. Hence, consult a doctor and only then take the next step.

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