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Zyoptix is basically a customized laser eye surgery procedure to treat near and farsightedness. Where standard LASIK can re-make the vision you can accomplish by wearing glasses or contact focal points, Zyoptix enables specialists to go above and beyond by inspecting the one of a kind abnormalities on your eye’s surface and redressing those moreover.


How Does Zyoptix Work?

Zyoptix consolidates data from two demonstrative frameworks to make your customized laser eye surgery methodology. The main procedure inspects the structure of your cornea to guarantee that you are a suitable candidate. The second makes a definite guide of the life systems of your eye, checking out where every one of the defects are. Known as ‘higher order aberrations,’ these moment imperfections influence the better parts of your vision and might be in charge of you encountering glare, coronas, obscuring, starburst designs or even twofold vision. The Zyoptix system will have the capacity to revise these blemishes accordingly diminishing, or notwithstanding taking out, your experience of these visual unsettling influences.

 Am I Eligible For Zyoptix?

In most cases the eligibility criteria for Zypotix is similar to those required for standard LASIK. These are:

  • Candidates must be no less than 21 years of age.
  • You ought to be in good health. Some medicinal conditions, for example, uncontrolled diabetes and immune system issues could bargain the consequences of the methodology, negatively affecting healing times and even increasing the chance of developing an infection.
  • Candidates should not have any current eye conditions, for example, glaucoma or cataract.
  • You should not have laser eye surgery if pregnant as expanded hormone levels can incidentally influence the state of the eye.
  • In the event that you have dry eye, laser eye surgery won’t be suggested as it can bring about an intensifying of the condition.
  • Your glasses or contact focal point remedy ought to have been steady for no less than a year

Enroll Today - FREE Lasik Consulation, Special Offer or Call Back